Soil and Concrete

Whether you’re a contractor, consultant, materials supplier or a small start-up earthmoving company, you’ll benefit from over 70 years’ combined experience within the GSG team in the area of soil and concrete testing.

We test to a number of standards that include, but are not limited to, AS 1012, AS 1289, MRWA Methods and Austroads, plus a variety of international standards.

We have the knowledge, capability and equipment to cater for any standard or obscure methods that you may encounter.

Our services in this area include, but are not limited to:

    • Undisturbed and disturbed sampling of soils and concrete
    • Compressive strength
    • Slump
    • Particle size distribution (PSD)
    • Plasticity limits (PI)
    • Soil compaction tests
    • California bearing ratio
    • Permeability
    • Shear testing
    • Consolidation
    • Organic content
    • Chemical analysis
    • Shrink swell
    • Particle density
    • Capillary rise
    • Lime demand
    • Soil stabilisation trials
    • Calcium carbonate
    • Emerson class / pinhole dispersion
    • Electrical and thermal resistivity
    • Pavement triaxials (repeat load triaxials)
    • Plus much more…