Great Southern Geotechnics Pty Ltd provides a comprehensive range of field and laboratory construction materials testing services that comply with both Australian Standards and Main Roads WA Specifications.

We offer well-trained staff in conjunction with a modern facility implemented with quality assurance practices to ensure that your test results are accurate, reliable and on time.

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  • Site Classification
  • Moisture content (drying oven)
  • Sieve analysis
  • liquid limit(cone)
  • plastic limit
  • cone plasticity index;
  • linear shrinkage
  • description, identification and classification of soils
  • Modified, Standard compaction
  • Dry density ratio, moisture variation and moisture ratio; field density using a nuclear gauge
  • California Bearing ratio (remoulded specimens)
  • Compressive strength (maximum dry, unconfined)
  • Permeability Tests ‐ Constant Head, Falling Head
  • Penetration (dynamic‐cone, Perth sand)
  • Calcium carbonate content
  • Layer Thickness, Texture Depth


  • Sampling
  • Fresh concrete
  • Slump test
  • Making and curing compression specimens
  • Compressive strength tests
  • Rapid Measurement methods


  • Bulk density
  • Particle size distribution
  • Average least dimension
  • Flakiness index
  • Moisture content